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Dean YAO Yang: South South Countries Should Take China's Experience as A Mirror

On December 8, 2021, the 2021 South-South Human Rights Forum, co-hosted by The State Council Information Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was held in Beijing as scheduled, with the theme of People First and Global Human Rights Governance. Professor Yao Yang, Executive Dean of Peking University's Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development, gave an interview to CGTN on the significance of South-South cooperation, human rights and other important issues. 



● Viewpoints 


Why is South-South Cooperation so important for developing countries?




The South-South cooperation is quite important for southern countries. China’s experience is much closer to other developing countries than western experience to those countries. If we increase the collaboration and cooperation among ourselves, we are going to be able to exchange similar ideas and similar experience between us.




China’s economic growth just happened over the last 40 years, in a really short period of time. So, China’s experience is fresh. It’s much easier for other countries to learn from. Of course, we don’t want them to copy China’s experience. They are going to treat China as a mirror, and in the mirror, they are going to see their own countries. So, they’re going to borrow, not copy, China’s growth experience. 





Why is it important for the international community to respect the will and interests of people in developing countries?





We need voices from developing countries, because the whole world’s system is just dominated by the West. Different countries have different cultural rules, different historical heritages. We have to respect them and we should not impose just one model of growth or one model of political system, one model of human rights to all countries. We should allow these countries to determine what are important rights people should have for their own purposes.