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ISSCAD Workshops on Global Development

ISSCAD Workshops on Global Development are organized in conjunction with the Eight Global Development Initiatives proposed by Chinese leaders during the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. The discussion will primarily focus on transnational development issues, development issues in other developing countries, the comparison of development journey and experience between China and other countries, China's efforts in going global, and international cooperation in a broad sense. The workshop will include three sections, namely academic research, policy discussion and business practice. In each workshop, experts and scholars will be organized by professors from different fields to share and discuss global development related topics accordingly. Starting from spring semester 2020, the workshops will be held every other week, three sessions have been successfully held previously.


China has basically eliminated extreme poverty and achieved the poverty reduction target set in the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 10 years ahead of schedule. Looking ahead, the central government has formualted a long-term goal of common prosperity. When we think more broadly about poverty and vulnerability to falling back into poverty, there is still plenty of room for policy action to promote shared prosperity. The conference will discuss the how China's experience could be of reference for other countries.



Poverty,Vulnerability and Common Prosperity :  International Lessons

Time: April 15, 2022, Firday, 20:00-21:30

Host: Prof. ZHOU Yongmei, Director for Global partnership at ISSCAD, Peking University

Speaker: Former Lead statistician of the World Bank's Development Research Group and professor of Economics at Xamen University

Commentator: Prof. ZHU Ling, Member of CASS and fellow research at the Institute of Economics of CASS

Language: English (Chinese simultaneous interpreting)



南南学院“全球发展工作坊”(ISSCAD Workshops on Global Development)旨在结合中国国家领导人在第76届联合国大会一般性辩论会上推出的“全球发展倡议”中八大议题而展开,重点讨论全球性跨国性发展议题、其他发展中国家的发展议题、中外发展的历程和经验对比、中国走出去、广泛意义上的国际合作等。工作坊内容将包括学术研究、政策探讨、企业实务案例三大板块。每期工作坊根据具体课题需求,由不同领域教授组织专家学者,进行围绕全球发展相关话题的分享和讨论。2022年春季学期开始,隔周举行,已举办三期。