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School Calendar

Fall Semester 2021

September 6                           Registration and Orientation for Class 2021

September 13                       Classes begin

September 21                          Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday

October 1- 7                            National Day Holiday

October                                    PKU International Culture Festival

January 1                                 New Year's Day Holiday

January 17-February 20          Winter Break


Spring Semester 2022

February 21                              Classes begin

April                                          Field Trip I(TBA)

April 22-24                                PKU Sports Event

May 1                                        International Labor Day Holiday

May 4                                        PKU Anniversary

July 5                                         PKU Commencement

July                                            Field Study Trip II(TBA)

July 11                                       Summer Break


* The calendar is subject to changes. Detailed information will be announced by the academic office.