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The Delegation of the South-South Institute Visit to Africa

The delegation of the Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development led by Academic Dean Professor FU Jun, visited African countries including Ethiopia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, in April for the new round recuitments, receiving a grand welcome by African Officials. 



(ISSCAD delegation and Diplomats from Chinese Embassy to Ethiopia. Embassador Mr. LA Yifan, left 3, Academic Dean Prof. FU Jun left 4.)



(Mr. CHEN Ning, Counselor of Cooperation and Exchange Office of the Mission of the PRC to the African Union with Prof. FU Jun)



(The delegation visited College of Business and Economics of Addis Ababa University)



(Crystal clear sky in Zambia )



(Prof. FU with Mr. CHEN Shijie charge d'affaires and Mr. OUYANG Daobing, Commercial Counsellor to Zambia)



(Prof. FU Jun introduced ISSCAD curriculum design with Zambian government officials and had a interview with intended candidates afterwards)



(Prof. Yu Miaojie and Prof. Gordon LIU visited Zambian Cabinet Office )



(Prof. Gordon LIU gave a talk to Zimbabwe Government Officals on "Health and Economic Growth")



(Prof. YU Miaojie share his insights with Zimbabwe Officials on International Trade)



(ISSCAD delegation in Zimbabwe Office of President and Cabinet)


The delegations's first African journey has proven to be a successful attempt in terms of ISSCAD new academic year's recruitments, which not only better introduced programs in Africa but also furthered ideas' exchange between Chinese and African Academia to further promoting Equitable, Inclusive and Sustainable Development