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Letter from a ISSCAD Student - Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development at Peking University

Dear Dr. Eliza,


Happy Chinese New Year to all of us. 


We are very calm and confident that the government and the entire nation of China are working day and night to halt this calamity. Above all, ISSCAD has been so supportive to us and we have no worries or stresses, at all. We ARE at home. 


For those who are not in China, I know it sounds so awful to hear the news on medias while you’re away. I would urge you to remain calm and happy. We are very very safe and happy in Global Village. The entire ISSCAD family through Mr.Edward has been providing valuable preventive information. It’s just a matter of time and the outbreak will go away very soon. At individual’s level and on behalf of International students, I would like to say let’s continue working on our term papers and thesis proposals and don’t hesitate to consult ISSCAD in case of any need, please. Let’s continue to send positive messages to our families back home and let them know that we are in the best place ( China) with best people in the world.