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Letter to ISSCAD Students - Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development at Peking University

Dear all, 


In the time of coroavirus  outbreak nationwide like this, we are so proud of you for your calmness to deal with the situation and your goodwill to our country and people! Please be assured that we are all together to fight against the disease and also have confidence in our government to lead us to get through it. Several things and recommendations I would like to share with you here: 


1. The leaderships from MofCom, the University and the School levels are highly attentive to the students’ status in school. We follow the procedure of daily report to different parties to inform them of your situation,  so it is very  important for you to keep Edward posted if you feel unwell and if you need help. We also have an in- school students wechat group to post information and instructions from the School.  


2. Keeping yourself safe is THE priority. Keep away from  the crowd, wash hands more often, keep room ventilated, drink warm water etc are all the necessary steps to do.  Don’t be panic.  Remember that we have been through SARS, so we are somehow physically and mentally prepared. 


3. For those who are not in school, stay at where you are now and wait for the notice of school reopening and curriculum adjustment. Of course, encouraging words from you are precious to those who are here. 


4. For all of you, make full use of this time period to read the books and materials that you haven’t had time to read before. Afterall you have still a degree to complete ahead. 


It’s time to show our ISSCAD spirits of Courage and Unity!


Best Regards, 


Eliza on behalf of the ISSCAD Office