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ISSCAD and APFNet Discuss Future Cooperation


On Oct 28, 2020, the Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development (ISSCAD) warmly welcomed APFNet representatives in Langrun Garden, Peking University. APFNet, short for the Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation, a Non-Profit international organization established in 2008, is dedicating to advancing sustainable forest management and rehabilitation in the Asia-Pacific region. By far over 400 forest practitioners in the Asia Pacific region received vocational training through APFNet’s various capacity building programs, one of its four pillars (capacity building, demonstration projects, policy dialogue, information exchange) designed to help its members in expanding forest cover and improving forest ecosystem in the region.


As one of the most prestigious universities in China and surely one with the most expertise in subject areas like economics, development economics as well as energy and sustainable development, the Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development of Peking University looks forward to expanding partnership with APFNet by designing a curriculum that can provide in-depth education for leaders from developing countries, especially those in the Asia-Pacific area, in fields of forest management and sustainable development. Dr. LU De, the Executive Director of APFNet, expressed the urgent need that APFNet faces in equipping their members with the most up to date theoratical and practical knowledge in fields like forestry development, green development, and sustainable development, so that such knowledge can then be practiced at their home economies.


Professor FU Jun, the Academic Dean of ISSCAD responded, “ISSCAD will be able to select and provide the most experienced and resourceful scholars for the APFNet candidates, infused with the dense cultural heritage of Peking University. It will be a journey of theoretical learning and hands-on practice, exposing candidates to a new mindset, new vision and new perspective.” Professor XU Jintao, Associate Dean of National School of Development, who himself has witnessed and participated in the forestry reform of China, said “the Institute of South-South Cooperation, as well as the National School of Development, are privileged to have a host of eminent scholars, some of which have personally experienced and contributed to China’s economic development. A chance to learn from the best will certainly be hugely beneficial to our potential candidates. “


The participating faculty members from the ISSCAD also included Professor ZHOU Yongmei and other core teaching members. Mr. XIA Jun, Deputy Director of APFNet was present in the discussion.


Edited by Olivia LOU