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[Job Posting] - Senior Specialist for Academic Affairs


Job Posting - Senior Specialist for Academic Affairs



The Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development (ISSCAD) was initiated by Chinese President XI Jinping during the High-Level Roundtable on South-South Cooperation at the 70th Anniversary Celebration of the United Nations in New York on September 26, 2015. The Institute provides both degree education and non-degree executive training programs for middle and senior level officials, as well as managers and researchers from government, academia, the media, NGOs and other organizations in developing countries. 


Combining local knowledge with global vision, the Institute is committed to excellence in national development research, talent training for developing countries, and dynamic exchange platform for global cooperation, and devoted to promoting equitable, inclusive and sustainable growth by sharing knowledge and experience on matters of public leadership and national development, with developing and especially the least developed countries. The Institute now provides master and doctoral degree programs in national development and  short-term training programs for officials from over 60 developing countries.



Job descriptions:

Students status management: Arrange student registrations, collect and organize students' enrollment materials, track students’ course completion status and assist students in dealing with personnel changes. 


Provide assistance in teaching management: Institute teaching system maintenance, grades management, elective course management, teaching assistant recruitment and management, textbook ordering and handout preparations; Assist supervisor to arrange lectures, field trips, academic conferences; Translate or compose teaching files, notices; Write news and brief reports of academic and teaching events; Organize and file documents. 


Assistance in thesis related discussios and defense: Assist supervisor to arrange mentor meetings, opening report defense, comprehensive examinations, expert reviews and dissertation defense; Assist students to prepare graduation materials and complete the graduation procedures; Graduation certificate production and issuance.


Other responsibilities: Participate in and assist the institute in organizing important events including opening ceremony, graduation ceremony, academic conferences; complete other tasks assigned by supervisor.



Have master degree, fluent in English and skilled in English communication and writing, preferably with overseas study experiences.

Have the sense of responsibility and be able to fulfill tasks assigned by supervisor.

​Hard worker, team player with excellent cross-cultural communication skills.

Good command of office software application.


More information:

Interested candidates are welcomed to send their CVs and resumes to job@nsd.pku.edu.cn .


More information about the Institute can be found at our webpage at http://www.isscad.pku.edu.cn or official WeChat account at SSCD-PKU.